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No Risk Guarantee

Financing a home can be a complicated process. What if your lender safeguarded your initial deposit. Whether $100 or $100,000, TurnKey Mortgage guarantees your initial deposit. So that, when told to remove loan contingencies, it's guaranteed.

Affordability Over Qualification

We don't care what you can qualify for, only what you can truly afford. In one way or another, every delinquent borrower qualified for the mortgage they were foreclosed on.

Anti-Blanket, Non-Generic Offer Letters

A pre-approval offer letter that means you can not only purchase the home you are making an offer on but you have all the backing of TurnKey Mortgage Solutions to get you through it.

Us vs. Them

We’re a small real estate finance company in Campbell. They are a too-big-to-fail cartel of multinational banks. It’s the ultimate David vs. Goliath story of how one small company is making big changes in the industry.

Check out how we compare:

Features Us Them
Competitive Rates X X
Full Program Offering X X
Open During Banking Hours X X
Open & Available After Banking Hours X
Guaranteed On-Time Closing X
Earnest Money Deposit Protection Guarantee X
Focus on Affordability X
Advice Based Relationship X
One-Size-Fits-All Approach X

At TurnKey, we call it the ‘moneyball’ factor: who you are matters as much as what you’ve done. We recruit for cultural fit, as well as expertise.

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